Here's what business leaders are saying about the Two-Minute Drill...

“The authors have created an approach to improvement that is powerful, poignant and packs a punch…The Two-Minute Drill provides a real plan of action for improvement that people can really relate to.”

Vicky Black
President, Fabory North America

“In the past 25 years, my company has shifted from process strategies to execution strategies. By far the lessons on execution described in the Two-Minute Drill have produced the most successful results for us…I have taken this book to my team and we are now better prepared to take the ball into the improve end zone.”

Al Caperna
CEO, CMC Group

“When your team is not ready for the change game; the outcome can be disastrous. I wish I had the benefit of the lessons from the Two-Minute Drill before undertaking my latest change effort.”

Rear Admiral David R. Ellison, USN (Ret.), PhD.
New Mexico Military Institute

“Having played quarterback and run the two-minute drill in college, it is no different in business. Define winning, prepare, communicate, seize control, adjust quickly….and above all… execute! Organizational change and transformation demands action, as we do not have the whole season to score. I have made the Two-Minute Drill part of my playbook and you should also. The clock is running on all of us.”

John Meier
CEO, Libbey Inc